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Physio for SPD and Q about DLA

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Physio for SPD and Q about DLA

Post by BunnyMom1980 on Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:58 am

I saw the physio yesterday who was fantastic! I've got a support belt from her and it's really comfy Very Happy

Anyway I was doing some reading on the net about SPD and discovered that you can claim disability living allowance. I'm going to look more into it because it's definately affecting my life and I can't really get out the house anymore.

Has anyone else claimed DLA?


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Re: Physio for SPD and Q about DLA

Post by KikoDinoGirl on Thu May 21, 2009 5:16 am

Hiya, in relation to DLA it is split into two components - one of which is a 'care allowance' and one which is a 'mobility' - so in essence, how much care you need and how much support you need in getting around. this website gives you all the information you require and you can apply online. The benefit is not means tested- so in theory you can be a millionaire and still be entitled if your disability means the criteria.

As i recall there is a caveat about how long your disability has been occuring for (I think it's 3 months but the website will tell you) and how long it is likely to continue for (and again i believe its 6 month but numbers are not my forte). The challenge therefore is to establish that SPD will last post pregnancy for the required time.

However, it's always worth applying, and you should fill it in honestly as possbile. The form is quite long and asks silly questions, but bear with it. When I say honest, I mean, if the consequence of someone not helping you to the loo is that you wet yourself, then you should write it. But also be warned it can feel like quite a 'shameful' experience as you are exposing your needs and that might be quite difficult to do.

Hope that's helpful.


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