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Wakeful baby / sore boobs!

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Wakeful baby / sore boobs!

Post by claire1984 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:44 pm

Hello ladies. I've had to re-register as I couldn't access the site for some reason (formerly shesmurf) .....Anyway our little Eva arrived Saturday 21st Feb one day ahead of schedule and she's a stunner. She's our first so learning everything from scratch. Firstly I expected to get next to no sleep but am beginning to get a little concerned that there's something up as she has been very gurny since lastnight,has barely slept through the night or today and seems unhappy. Every time she drifts off and we put her back into the crib she wakes and starts wailing.

She has a rash on her face which the MW swabbed and sent to the doc that may be related but also she hadn't had a soiled nappy for four days (after the meconium) and has now had four since lastnight making me wonder if she's got an upset tummy (they were extremely watery).

Alernatively any chance it could be wind? The MW said breastfed babies don't tend to get as much wind and sure enough she rarely burps but she is very flatulent - they are so lumpy each one feels like a poo!

Is it possible to not produce enough milk? I thought your supply was supposed to =the demand? Lastnight Eva was just not satisfied at all, seemed to be constantly hungry and my boobs still felt empty by the time she wanted fed again. Seemed to be every hour.

Second, how long does it take for your boobs to toughen up? Most feeds are toe-curlingly painful for me (at least initially anyway). I know it's all about positioning and kind of sick of hearing it I'm actively trying to get thebest possible latch at every feed as it's in both our best interests but her wee mouth is so small andmy nipples are pretty big. I make a point of trying to hand express a bit beforeevery feedto make it easier, I don't know what else I can do. It feels as though someone is holding a lighter to my nipples 24/7 and it's starting to get me really down. I can see why so many people give up but I really don't want to, after all breast is best!


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