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Urchin :O)

gaaaaaah stripping!

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gaaaaaah stripping!

Post by trixipaws on Fri May 22, 2009 4:45 am

millie keeps taking all her clothes off (insert bash head on wall smiley)

she pulls her trousers off, then undoes the poppers on her underwear (babygro thing) then pulls that off over her head along with her t-shirt! then sometimes tugs her nappy all loose so its hanging half down her bum like a builder Laughing

drives me nuts! she wont keep anything on! then she comes running up to me for cuddles coz she's cold (must admit that is cute!) or she points to her bellybutton and says "beeeeeep!" (also cute!)

but often she gets herself stuck and comes running up screaming and thrashing frustratedly coz her arms and head are all tangled up in her clothes Rolling Eyes

and also she can get to her tummy and back and shoulders then with her nails (she has exema which is under control as long as she cant scratch!) then she makes a mess of herself and ends up looking like she's been dragged thru a rose bush!

how can i stop herrrrrrrrrr?

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Re: gaaaaaah stripping!

Post by tangerinedream on Fri May 22, 2009 7:07 am

Sorry hun, I really dont know. I imagine its something they all do at some point. Sorry not very helpful I know Sad


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