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PG test done this morning :(

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PG test done this morning :(

Post by cheeky~vw on Fri May 22, 2009 12:59 pm

over the last few days ive had the following symptoms;
*sleeping alot, but not being able to settle
*tummy cramps
*feeling lazy
*back ache
*needing the loo alot, but not actually being able to go to the loo for much of a wee

i said to my OH there was noway i could be PG, but he insisted we did a test this morning. so we did our first every PG doing it, and him standing the other side of the door telling me to hurry up and get on with it (impatient as always). we did a test, it was negative Sad i didnt think i was PG, but i have to say i was abit upset!!! according to my FF, im most fertile from 21/05 until im supposed to OV on 25/05. So have to BD and see how we go. We've been saving up by not BDing for 3 days, so should have a good count! Fingers Crossed!!!


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