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Major rant

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Major rant

Post by beatlesfan on Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:57 pm

Just started to write a long post, then thought it would bore you all. so will try to keep it short.

OH annoying me.

It's as if he has had a harder than me. He's off out tonight and before he had a shower we determined he needed to iron his shirt and he says oh I'll see if I have time.... (meaning I hope you will iron it while I'm in shower).

I didn't cos TBH I didn't even think about it...

Then he comes down..

oh didn't occur to you to iron my top?
I said no, it didn't and now I feel really guilty about it (which I did)
he says, hmm. would have been nice gesture as I haven't stopped all day and I've got to get petrol etc.
I didn't say anything. His comments really pee-ed me off.

I haven't stopped all day too!!!!! I have had maybe 30 mins to myself when Imogen slept. If that.

And tonight, while he is out I've got to iron my clothes for tomorrow, and Imogen's, wash my hair, dry it, make lunch and portion up the cottage pie I made for tea (which I asked OH to do but he has obviously not had time!)

The only reason why I made a dinner from scratch tonight was cos he commented that when he asked Imogen waht mummy does she said cooking and OH said, that's not true! To be fair he does do a lot of cooking but I do stuff too and his comment made me feel like a complete failure as a partner. Crying or Very sad

Before he went out he said - oh that t-shirt for tomorrow I've left it there and I'll iron it when I get in.

So we know what that comment says ... er... I hope you will iron it for me while I am out and if you don't I will say some things which will probably make you feel guilty for not doing it.

I don't think he says these things maliciously but I am very sensitive too and take them to heart, so maybe he knows he can get to me?

I feel so shit now. And in two minds whether to iron his top.

he hasn't even asked how I got on at my appointment today.

I have booked a pedicure and eye lash tint for thurs and asked him to pick Imogen up from nursery tomorrow so I can work late. This is the only quality me time I will have had for quite a while.

Oh I have also got a load of washing to fold up and put away tonight... what an exciting life I lead ...

I really think I am suffering from this...


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