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A friend who has no friends or family needs help

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A friend who has no friends or family needs help

Post by Flame on Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:31 pm

Hey ladies Long time no post Smile Hope you are all very well.

I come for advice, I have been told tonight by a girl i have known for about 13 years that her fella has split up with her has given no reason and his mother has said she isnt fit to be a mother.

My friend has learning difficulties and i dont mean to sound horrible but isnt the quickest of people but she is a good mum to her 3 children and has apparently tried to take her life over the situation. She has messaged me to ask for help but i am not sure what i can do other than try and find out what she is entitled to. The dad of the children is a man that likes a drink (infact i saw them earlier outside the beer off) and he is always screwing about so she would be better off without him to be honest. But how can she find somewhere to live with her children and fight her ex against the children as i am sure he will use her disability against her.

Very grateful for any information you could provide.

Thanks Very Happy

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