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BBC Documentary Series About Pregnancy

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BBC Documentary Series About Pregnancy

Post by rossBBC on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:21 am

Calling mums to be! We want to talk to real women about what itís like to be pregnant.

I am writing from a television company called Prospect Pictures and we are making a new BBC documentary series about pregnancy that will help pregnant women who are struggling to change their lifestyles during pregnancy.

Are you are suffering from stress, are you finding it hard to manage work while you are pregnant?

Are you finding it hard to quit smoking? Or change what you eat? Are you worried youíre overweight or underweight?

The BBC has put an expert team of midwifes and medical experts together who want to help mothers-to-be who are suffering with these issues.

If you want to find out more or have someone to recommend, please call the production team.

We want to offer the best possible care and also highlight the dangers that mothers-to-be might not be aware of. These issues are very serious and will be handing this sensitive series with a huge amount of care.

Prospect Pictures is an independent television production company renowned for making distinctive and high-quality factual programming.

If you are interested then please give Ross call on 0208 563 6995 or 07821 919001 or e-mail


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