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Hello :) Looking for advice!

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Hello :) Looking for advice!

Post by AlyAmie on Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:01 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm Alix, i'm 21 and currently TTC #1 and im just looking for advice as i have had a bit of a dodgy month :S haha
This does have a bit TMI and im sorry lol, but i really need adivce so here goes.. haha!
soo.. AF was due around the 10th of this month, but i'm not always on time so it could of come anytime between a week before the 10th or a week after.
Well she didn't arrive! Then about the 20th i started having some brown spotting for about 2 days, it was very light and only when i wiped, then the next day and a half it turned into pinkish/watery spotting and a little bit heavier but nowhere near enough for a pad or a tampon, then the next day it turned back into brown spotting and was gone the day after. At first i thought it was AF coming even later than usual, but it was VERY unusual for me to have a period like this, i have a very very heavy flow and really intense period pains usually, so i did a HPT (very basic clear and simple pregnancy test strip) on the 27th and i got a BFN Sad Then yesterday and today i have had some mild what feels like period pains but a sort of dull ache, and slight pain in my back. I have also been feeling nauseous and put off some foods!
Is it possible i could be pregnant and for some reason it isn't showing up on the test?

Thanks in advance! Smile

Sending baby dust to all! xx


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Re: Hello :) Looking for advice!

Post by mrsc on Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:00 am

It could be that you're pregnant and your HCG levels are just not high enough for that particular test to pick up. Maybe try one like first response? I did one of those 3-4 days before period was due and got a very faint positive. Repeated a week later and it was a very strong line. You're already late so you should get a BFP soon if you are, but if your period doesn't turn up and you still get negative results then maybe ask doctor for a blood test.
Good luck Smile


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